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Data Exchange Portal

The HEAC data exchange portal is an electronic link between The Ministry of Higher Education represented by The Higher Education Admission Center and other institutions that are involved in the process of admission to H E of students who have a General Education Diploma or its equivalent from different higher education institutions outside and inside the Sultanate.

Different services are provided through the HEAC portal; those services vary from one user to another according to he/she specialization, data and documents required from the institution he/she wants to register in.

The HEAC database is supplied by student’s data from Department of Educational Evaluation in the Ministry of Education.

The following is a summary for the services provided by the HEAC data exchange portal to the institutions.

Ministry of H.E (MOE) (Represented by Schools):
  • Each school can access students' registration status to know who have already applied at HEAC system and those who have not applied yet.
  • Know the program choices of all students in that school.
  • Each school can get a statistical report about the number of students who are accepted from that school
Ministry of school Social Development (MOSD):
  • To verify the status of social security and special needs students (the portal user shall check the status and verify it in case it is case it is correct and refuse it in case it is incorrect concerning special needs students).
  • In both cases the system will send SMS to student to request the status verification or refusal.
  • Get a statistical report about the number of social security students who got offers and those who did not get offers.
Institutions of Higher Education: Public and Private colleges and universities
  • Insure that the programs data entered in the admission online system are correct and accurate and view.
  • Allocation report.
  • Offers acceptance report.
  • Report of registered students in the institution.
  • Students applicants reports.
  • Students transfer report.
  • Reports of who obtained an offer to be interviewed.
  • A list of the Students who applied to study at their own expense.

Admission System for Post Graduate

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