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Qatar Foundation Grants

The Higher Education Centre announces that grants and scholarships to Qatar Foundation of Education, Science and Community Development for the academic year 2011/2012 are as follows:

First: full grants (include tuition fees + monthly salary) funded by the Qatar Foundation.

Second: partial Scholarships (include tuition fees only) to the universities of the Qatar Foundation, funded by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman.

Since the registration to these
programmes mentioned below is different from the other programmes  offered through (HEAC) admission system , this ad aims to encourage students who wish to register to prepare themselves to obtain an initial acceptance.


Applicants are also required to meet specific criteria and submit some required mentioned documents which are as follows:


  1. Student has to be a graduate of General Education Diploma or equivalent of the year 2010/2011.
  2. Certificates of English language assessment, with at least (6) points in the (IELTS) or not less than (550) points in (TOFEL).
  3. SAT or ACT test results in science and math.
  4. Letter of recommendation from a teacher or school principal.
  5. A brief English (ASSAY) in any topic of student choice.
  6. An English copy of the student transcript of class 11 and the first semester of class 12) if available.
  7. A student who wishes to apply for design programmes is required to submit the design profile of her or his achievement (Portfolio).
  8. After a student has obtained an acceptance, he or she is required to submit the acceptance paper to (HEAC) before (changing preferences) period.


Important Note:

Getting an acceptance from the Qatar Foundation does necessary imply that a student will get an offer from (HEAC) since all accepted students will be subjected to (HEAC) allocation procedures.

For registration you can log in to the Qatar Foundation website or directly to the websites of the university mentioned thereafter, before 01/03/2011


1. General Medicine
Weill Corneil College

2. Engineering
Texas A & M University

3. Fine Arts
Virginia Commonwealth University

4. Journalism and communication
Northwestern University

5. Administrative Sciences
Carnegie Mellon University

6. Economics and Political Science
Georgetown University

Note: Students shall bear all the costs resulting from registration and travelling to Qatar to sit for the acceptance tests.



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