Common Questions
You may call the MoHE call center at 24340900
HEAC fax number 24340702
The centre will start receiving the registration applications from 01/04 to 01/06
If you are Omani you should have first ID card, otherwise you should get one.
From any where. You just need to have a computer which is connected to the internet. There will be , however, registration centers in schools, education colleges, colleges of Applied Sciences, universities and colleges which will be announced later.
You can register through the centre website There will be no paper applications.
After registering you will get a registration number from the system and this will assure you that your application has been received and that you are registered.
You wouldn’t be able to access the registration system to do any changes after the 1st of June to the announcement of General Certificate Examination results in July. After that you will get a period of 10 days to do any changes you wish in your application.
No, it is not possible except in one condition is a vacancy in a certain program and there is no body in the waiting list, the vacancy will be announced through the media and applicant are invited.
You can know through the HEAC website by using HEAC registration No. and through textual messages or e-mail to students who provided the numbers of their mobile phones or e-mail address.
You must inform the center that you accept the offer by entering the web site or send text message (SMS) to the centre.
If you did not accept the offer within Period specified the program seat will be offered to the first one after you and you cannot ask for this seat later.
Yes, in a condition that the offer you have got wasn’t your first choice, because it is your right to get a higher preference if a vacancy occurred, but there is no guarantee to get a seat on the higher preference because it depends on the existence of the vacancy.
No, your acceptance to an offer dose not means forbidding you from getting another offer. Either you accept or not accepting the offer you will compete in your higher preferences which are before the program offer which you have been offered.
You can apply for specific program when vacancy occurs and there was no waiting list in this program, which will be announced in the press for all as new opportunities.
You do not need to visit the center either to register or to accept the offers.
Your visit to the Center will not help you. If it is your right to get a seat you will get it automatically. And if you have any query you can send it to the centre by e-mail. And if you were not from the students which are eligible for a seat so your visit will not change anything, most of what you need to know you will find it in the student guide book.
No, if it is your right to get a seat will get it automatically.
There is no need for this because telephone lines at the time of the distribution of seats will be busy and the best way to communicate with the centre is by e-mail.
No, because preference measured by your grades and your eligibility in a program.
You can not get any privileges and no one can get any privileges because of that the competition based on grades and the student to meet the minimum requirements for admission in the programs involved. In the electronic system it is the student right to see why he is accepted or not.
No. Only your grades and choices of program will be the deciding factor in the acceptance or reject. If your grades dose not help you to study a specific program then you will not be able to get an offer in this program and no one can support you aand give you a seat which is not belongs to you, it is the first documentary objectives of the establishment of the Center is to achieve a common acceptance of transparency and justice among all applicants.
No. no paper registration is allowed. Registration should be done electronically through the Internet only.
Programs which represent the best preference must be at the top of the list and programs that are lower in priority be at the bottom of the list
No. Not necessary, but it must not be less than six choices. Nevertheless, it is advisable to fill the 40 choices in the list of programs to allow yourself a greater chance to get one of the seats.
  1. Student doesn’t registering programs according to priorities.
  2. Students register wrong telephone numbers.
  3. Lack of following the center announcements about the dates of registration and the appearance of the results of allocation and the acceptance of the offer period.
  4. Not confirming the acceptance of an offer due time.
  5. Graduate students from the General Certificate Examination inside the Sultanate registering in the category of students graduate from General Certificate Examination outside the Sultanate.
  6. Not reading student guide book carefully to be aware of the acceptance requirements of a student in any program.
  7. Student gives the user and registration number to another student to register him.
  8. Not checking the personal information of the student at the website.
  9. Registering limited program options.
  10. Not accept the offer.
  11. The student could not be contacted, due to a change in student telephone number.
  12. Student who enrolled in low income category could not get partial scholarship because he couldn’t get a proof that his parent’s salary is less than 600 riyals.
  13. Social Security or limited income students did not select the programs of this the relevant category.
  14. Relying on others to register.
  15. Failure to inquire about any question that occur to you.
  16. Believing that the acceptance to a program depends on the average of the total grade of subjects.