After the change of program preference phase, students will be offered the eligible program seats, according to their program preferences, school results, number of seats in each program. Each student may receive and SMS at the day of announcing results showing the program code, the deadline for accepting offer and completing registration procedures in the HEI. During this period, student is advised to:

- Follow the Latest news of HEAC to be aware of the registration and admission deadlines and updates.

- Remain the phone number registered at HEAC system switched on, so you do not miss any of the SMS sent by HEAC.

- Accept the offer and go to the HEI to complete registration procedures due deadline, which is stated in the SMS you receive, plus it is clarified at HEAC website.

- Travelling abroad is not an excuse for students who did not take actions required by HEAC before the relevant deadlines, HEAC will not be responsible for any offer you miss. 

- Missing deadlines may cause student losing his/her seat, which will be offered to another eligible applicant.

4 Steps You have to Follow After Announcing Allocation Results