Provides a source for statistics and indicators about the higher education sector in Oman. 

Higher Education Statistical System (HESS)

The Higher Education Statistical System was established in 2009. It is an electronic system designed to collect and publish the data of higher education sector in the Sultanate. The data includes information of students in the local higher education institutions (HEIs) and students studying abroad. Also, it includes data about staff (including academic and non-academic staff) in all HEIs in the Sultanate, as well as, general and specific financial information about each HEI. 

The data is annually collected by HESS and represents an academic year for all HEIs. 

Objective of HESS

The system provides an integrated statistical database of the higher education sector in the Sultanate to help decision makers and concerning authorities in setting strategies and plans that can contribute in developing the higher education system. Also, it provides data for research councils and other relevant bodies for scientific researches.

Components of Statistical System
  • Components of Statistical System
  • Students Data: Represents personal information of student and his academic information at HEIs.
  • Employees Data: Represents personal information of the employee and his study and work experience.
  • Financial Data: Represents the financial expenses and revenues for the HEI.
Electronic services provided by HESS
    • Providing statistical data through SMS.
    • Providing electronic statistical reports via online publishing system- a system allows the HEIs and other bodies to choose the required variables and design the statistical table according to these variables.
    • Data exchange portal- which allows the HEIs and other relevant bodies to upload the required data to HESS, review it and endorse it electronically.

To download Document of the Higher Education Statistical System the Sultanate of Oman for the academic year 2016/2015, click here